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<strong>Risk Number&#174; Technology</strong>

Risk Number® Technology

Riskalyze is a state-of-the-art system focused on unveiling and understanding your individual risk tolerance. It achieves this with remarkable precision to shape and guide investment decisions. It assigns your Risk Number®, a measure of your own specific level of acceptable risk and corresponding reward.

Your Risk Number® is calculated based on downside risk and assigned a number from 1 to 99.  Similar to a speed limit, the higher the number the greater degree of risk you are willing to accept for higher potential reward.

<strong>Discover Your Risk Number</strong>

Discover Your Risk Number

Our 5-minute quiz will help us recognize and address your individual needs accurately. This questionnaire covers topics including the size of your investment portfolio, primary financial objectives for the future, and gauging your tolerance towards potential financial risks versus gains.

Ambiguous terms such as “conservative” or “moderately-aggressive” cause confusion in traditional risk tolerance questionnaires.  The Riskalyze quiz avoids such language and focuses on potential portfolio volatility in a way that is easy to understand.

<strong>Evaluate Your Current Portfolio</strong>

Evaluate Your Current Portfolio

Four out of five people are found to have more risk exposure in their portfolio than they initially realized. This tool enables us to ensure your portfolio’s Risk Number® is aligned with your personal Risk Number®. By matching your risk tolerance with your portfolio’s actual level of risk we can help avoid destructive emotional decisions in turbulent markets environments.

Your Risk Number provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your unique financial inclinations, enabling us to tailor an investment strategy best suited for your needs. Our portfolio proposal will include detailed risk/reward analysis to provide peace of mind that your assets are working for you in a calculated and conscientious manner.

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